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Blue Spurs is focused on using modern technologies, development tools, and agile methods to solve real customer problems. Founded by a proven IT veteran, we provide an unmatched level of customer service and are deeply committed to ensuring our customers' success.

With extensive experience in both consumer facing and enterprise solutions, our team of professionals understand what it takes to deliver. Our technological expertise is vast, covering a multitude of platforms with an emphasis on mobile and Cloud Enablement including rich web based systems. Our mobile expertise covers HTML5, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows.

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Strategy and Custom Solutions


A technology strategy is essential to the success of your business initiatives. We can help develop a mobile strategy along with customized mobile solutions that will help you reach your goals. Blue Spurs also embraces the cloud in all our solutions. We are an Amazon (AWS) Partner and have a wealth of Cloud Enablement experience that have resulted in numerous benefits to our customers. We can work with you to ensure you have a cloud strategy and truly leverage what modern cloud enablement has to offer.

Mobile Application

Our group of mobile and cloud experts can review your current setup and provide guidance; help craft a plan for the future; or rapidly develop a proof-of-concept for a new idea
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Cloud Computing is so much more than just virtualizing servers in the Cloud. Let our cloud experts help you cut through the hype and deliver real benefits
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Strategy and
Custom Solutions

The core of our service offering is providing state of the art software solutions. These solutions vary greatly across platforms and systems. Every customer provides a unique challenge
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Design and Development of Mobile and Cloud-based Applications

About Us

About Blue Spurs

Blue Spurs uses leading-edge technologies to provide clients with comprehensive IT services ranging from full system development, to reliable IT support and hosting capabilities.

Our specialty is Mobile and Cloud. We believe that “embracing the Cloud” isn’t just about bringing the latest technology to our clients: time and again we’ve proven the incredible cost savings Cloud offers over traditional deployments.

We also help our clients optimize their web presence for mobile ‑ a mission critical process for staying relevant to today’s audience. Our team of experts specialize in developing mobile applications for all major platforms and devices.

With over 70 professionals working coast-to-coast, we work with a diverse range of private sector interests from across the continent, including start-ups as well as high-profile, large enterprises. Our employees have extensive software development experience and bring top-level skills to every project.

Blue Spurs isn’t just about what we do ‑ we believe that how we do those things is key to the end result. That’s why we consider the Agile software development methodology to be an important part of the culture at Blue Spurs. Our staff’s Scrum experts even include the first Certified ScrumMaster in Atlantic Canada. Because we use this flexible approach, our clients can change direction without risking financial loss, and still put the focus on innovation.

At Blue Spurs, we are passionate about helping companies realize their business goals faster. We work on some amazing projects, keeping us at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. If your company wants help reaching its business goals faster, powered by industry-leading solutions, we can help.

About the Founder

Blue Spurs was founded by Mike LeBlanc. Since the early 90s, Mike has been working in Internet systems development. With Blue Spurs he’s putting the latest technology into the hands of a group of talented and incurable innovators – people who treat problem solving like a competitive sport.

A natural leader, Mike has been involved in founding multiple start-up companies including icGlobal, Ensemble Collaboration, and led the technology division of Chalk Media (now BlackBerry). After building an exceptional team of over 40 technology professionals, while at Chalk Media, Mike spearheaded the development of a mobile-based content publishing platform. He has also led numerous other product development teams across North America, including BlackBerry App World, EBay, Ticketmaster, BlackBerry News, and Chalk Pushcast. With Blue Spurs Mike has returned to the rapid-fire world of start-ups, bringing his industry insights to bear on the challenges businesses face in the fast-evolving IT landscape.

Experience in both consumer facing and enterprise solutions

Why Join Us At Blue Spurs?

Blue Spurs puts the latest technology in the hands of people who approach problem solving like a competitive sport. The result? We find technological solutions that help our clients accelerate and reach their business goals faster. That’s Blue Spurs.

  • If you’re someone who thrives on finding a better way to do it;
  • If you’re inspired by the way cloud is revolutionizing pretty much everything;
  • If you pay close attention to where mobile technology is going;
  • If you believe in building software using agile methods;
  • And if you appreciate the maturity of DevOps,
Then maybe you should be working at Blue Spurs.

Our Perks

We are committed to our employees, and believe in giving them opportunities to broaden their experience and constantly acquire leading-edge industry skills. As a growing start-up, at Blue Spurs you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing something vital to our team. Best of all: no jerks. We don’t want to work with them and we’re guessing neither do you!

But we also know that top talent needs more than just good vibes to keep it together. A few perks:
  • Excellent health benefits;
  • Free drinks and snacks;
  • Free lunch on Fridays;
  • Opportunities to get together outside of work.

Join Us!

Interested? Check out the positions below to see if something suits your skills. If you don’t have all the qualifications but still want to apply, then get in touch. We’re willing to make exceptions when we meet people who we think would be a great fit for our team.

We believe in sharing insights


Building truly successful software solutions requires in-depth understanding of multiple technologies and how they interrelate, not to mention an appreciation for what the business is trying to achieve. At Blue Spurs we bring together experts from multiple realms to design solutions that deliver total results. Our approach is both pragmatic and matured. We favor quality and delivering real value in the solutions we develop.

Our experience includes, but is certainly not limited to, the following:

Dynamic Retail Pricing Solution

Packaged as an embedded web widget, a powerful web service was created to provide online retail shoppers with the possibility of up to 75% off online purchases. The service was created by using a patent pending approach, which allows retailers to offer pricing advantages over competitors. The result is an increased online purchase conversion rate. Implementation technologies used include Node.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, and AWS.

Web Application & Server Engine

A server engine that is capable of applying several hundred thousand business rules per second was developed. Leveraging a queue-based architecture, the server engine inspects a large volume of real-time content and performs actions. Each inspection and action is logged for reporting and traceability. Users of various levels are able to create and manage complex “business rules” via a secured, web-based administration tool.

Enterprise Visualization Platform

A visualization platform that displays relationships and patterns in social media was created. This platform relies purely on html, css, javascript web-client to deliver rich, animated visualizations that represent massive volumes of real-time Social Media activities.

Social Mobile App

A consumer-facing, social app was developed that allows users to temporarily exchange information in a manner that prevents storage, or forwarding to other users. This platform was developed in native code for iOS and Android, and leverages back-end platforms for back-end messaging and security. The app is instrumented for mobile application monitoring and analytics, so that real-world usage can be tracked as well as crash reports.

Dealer / Installer Portal + Provisioning Web Services Framework

This system is used by employees, dealers and customers to manage business critical operational data on devices and modems throughout the ISP’s infrastructure. The cross-browser portal (and a suite of various other internal support tools) allows dealers and installers located across the country to access data secured in various internal systems behind the company’s firewall. It also facilitates key operations such as provisioning subscriber modules, changing customer packages and completing work orders. The Web Services Framework serves as an enterprise service bus, allowing several internal and external applications to access common business routines in a central location. Business routines broker communications with various internal business systems and are all securely exposed and heavily audited.

Industrial Internet of Things “Application Suite”

A highly distributed application framework was developed for collecting, analyzing and reacting to millions of micro-scale data points sourced from the industrial shop floor. With the application framework, the company can collect and analyze its data on an ongoing basis, develop a model, and determine appropriate reactions to apply to its shop floor systems.

Development and Support Services

Development and support services are provided on an ongoing basis for a newspaper publishing company. These services include everything from managing their cloud-based infrastructure, to designing and developing responsive design websites for 12 online publications and career search portals, to integrating with back-office business systems. In addition analytics dashboards, tools for mobile reporters, and an award-winning news alerts platform have been built. AWS has been leveraged extensively with the effect of reducing both direct and indirect costs for the publishing company. This has also increased the reliability of the client’s infrastructure. All solutions are optimized for Mobile / Tablet / PC delivery.

Customized Android distribution

Customized Android distribution for an international phone operator with 34 million subscribers was developed. The phone operator’s branded application supported the launch of a new model cell phone and included several customized aspects such as the boot-screen, launcher, camera, and email client. The email client was also substantially enhanced to include advanced capabilities.

Secure Web Portals

A web application coordinating the procurement of ingredients for buyers and sellers in the food services industry was developed. Additionally, a second secure web portal including custom code and CMS integration was created to deliver video simulation content to registered users.

Scanner Control and Visualization Software

A Metro-style Windows 8 application was developed, enabling field technicians to complete BCT scans using a “field friendly” interface. The application integrates with control software via TCP to configure and control all aspects of the BCT scanner. Scan results are collected, reviewed, and sent to a server for further processing.

Personal Health Record

A responsive web application was developed, providing users with access to all of their pharmacy information in one location. As a result, users can make informed decisions and better manage their health, or the health of a loved one. Related to this project, a secure infrastructure was created to protect personal health information, while still allowing a high-quality experience where users are active participants in their own healthcare.

We've helped businesses use Scrum to become more agile


Keep up to date with everything going on with Blue Spurs, including upcoming events, insight into our professional specialists' workflows and best practices, as well as product launches, exciting new partnerships, and much more!

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