Managed Cloud

Dev Ops

If you spend more time on maintenance and bug fixes than brainstorming and developing new products and processes, it may be time to consider implementing a development operations plan.

Commonly referred to as “DevOps” this approach to the development lifecycle is frequently relied upon by mature organizations looking to optimize their software delivery, including automation, continuous integration/deployments and configuration management.

By creating a continuous loop between a project’s developers and its operations members, you begin to streamline your processes, improve deployments, and shorten your time to market, saving your organization both time and money.

Dev Ops assessment

Understanding your current cloud capabilities is the first step. Our cloud readiness/maturity assessment will provide a clear picture of your processes and pain points. From there we will work with your team to develop a roadmap, laying out tools and processes that will help you automate your deployments in the cloud.

Dev Ops Automation

Whether you’re starting from scratch with DevOps, or looking to optimize your automation, we start with a strategic engagement with your team to develop a roadmap. From there we move into implementation mode, including change management, end-to-end "click-free" automation and monitoring of the delivery process.

Managed Dev Ops

We let your teams focus on their core functions by handling all things DevOps. While this will vary depending on the client, it usually includes: automated deployment cycle changes as required, continual optimization of your infrastructure and Dev Ops framework to best meet customer need and working closely with customer development teams to promote DevOps best practices.