Meet Blue Spurs

A team with deep roots in product and process

Blue (noun) colour often associated with knowledge, stability and depth
Spurs (verb) to spur [innovation, technology, product, etc.]


Since its inception in 2012, Blue Spurs has been enabling clients to optimize their technology through custom solutions and managed cloud offerings. Led by a seasoned team of technology veterans, Blue Spurs has gained a unique reputation for helping organizations to accelerate their product development, while providing end-to-end solutions that ensure success at launch and beyond. This distinct value proposition results in decreased spending on operational investments and increases the ability to focus on initiatives that will drive revenue & increase efficiency.

Working within a product framework is part of the Blue Spurs DNA, with employees having spent time working for various organizations including Radian6 (now Salesforce), Siemens and Blackberry. Couple that with experienced teams originating from startups and small & medium enterprises to global multi-national organizations, and it becomes clear why Blue Spurs has been the preferred partner for clients in a variety of verticals including telecommunications, healthcare, media & publishing, education and manufacturing.



Mike LeBlanc


Having built three companies, IcGlobal, Ensemble and Blue Spurs, from the ground up, Mike LeBlanc is recognized as both a technical and business leader across the industry. His focus on product development and acceleration began during his tenure as Vice President, Technology for Chalk Media. Following the acquisition of Chalk Media to Research in Motion, Mike acted as a Senior Director leading integration projects including Ticketmaster and Ebay and playing a crucial role in the development of Blackberry World and the Blackberry 10 Operating System.

As the founder and CEO at Blue Spurs, Mike leads all strategic company development, while maintaining close ties to the both project management and technical decision making.

Rick LeBlanc

Head of Sales

Rick LeBlanc, Blue Spurs Head of Global Sales, is a strategic business executive who began his 20+ year career with NBTel, one of the region’s first innovation focused organizations. Following that role, Rick gained international experience supporting global companies around the world, working in business development for enterprises including CGI, Blackberry and CSC.

Rick is responsible for leading business development and sales teams tasked with developing sales pipelines and promoting both the custom solutions and managed cloud divisions of Blue Spurs.

Dawson Mossman

Head of Technology

Dawson has more than 15 years in technical leadership. His expertise led to senior development positions at Bulletproof Solutions and PQA. Prior to his current role, Dawson acted as the Head of Development for Lashpoint Consulting. During this time, he led the development of many of the building blocks of the Radian6 platform, which is now part of the Salesforce CRM.

As the Blue Spurs Head of Technology, Dawson works alongside developers, quality assurance testers and project stakeholders to ensure success, heads the adoption and mastery of new technologies and contributes to the technical vision of the company.

Duane Dunfield

Head of Managed Services & Delivery

A startup enthusiast with a passion for innovation who's been part of the technology field for more than 15 years, Duane runs both the managed cloud organization and project management office at Blue Spurs. He has spent much of his career developing and growing businesses, beginning with Red Hot Learning, followed by Talkie, iGrowth Corporation and prior to joining Blue Spurs, Cred.FM.

Duane is responsible for managed cloud, which includes the Blue Spurs Amazon Web Services practice, client support and development operations, as well as ensuring the successful delivery of each client engagement.


So you’ve got the basics, but if you want to learn more about our team, or have a project in mind for Blue Spurs, we want to hear from you!

Our Blue Spurs Values


technical excellence

When you combine an experienced team with a commitment to professional development, use of the latest technologies and a growing number of certifications, you are ensured a top notch technical approach.


own it

Integrity and responsibility are key to business success. Each of our employees embodies this “own it” mentality and know that working at Blue Spurs means getting it done.



Unwavering commitment to finding a solution. If the problem is outside the box, the thinking needs to be as well. Having a highly skilled team means lots of smart people figuring out how to make it work.


Customer Success

Success at Blue Spurs means one thing: happy clients. If we are doing our job right, we gain lifelong customers who can rely on our ongoing development & cloud services.


Have fun

Mud runs, paintball, BBQs, washer toss, softball, homemade mini golf and Blue Spurs style Family Feud. We adhere to the “work hard, play hard” philosophy.

The five top reasons our team
chooses to work at Blue Spurs:

  • 1 people
  • 2 work
  • 3 flexibility
  • 4 culture
  • 5 technology